Owyhee Canyon Picture Jasper Pendant Sterling Silver

Owyhee Canyon Picture Jasper Pendant Sterling Silver


This is such a beautiful, statement-sized Owyhee Canyon picture jasper! It has the classic bands of gold and blue and is shaped into a softened triangle. I made it into a big statement pendant to wear as a choker on the cable I provide. You can also switch that out for a longer cord or chain, whatever you're in the mood for!

SETTING: It has a fine silver and sterling bezel setting with a cross-hatched accent soldered on one side. It also has several notches filed into the edges of the setting. It hangs with a sterling bail from a stainless steel wrapped cable.

SIZE: The stone is 65mm x 36mm (2 1/2" x 7/16") and the setting adds a few more millimetres to that all around. It hangs from a 18" thin steel cable that screws open and closed.

FINISH: I gave the silver an oxidized patina.

***Please consult the measurements I provide - photos are close-ups.***

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