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A circuitous route to jewelry-making

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You might not know that I only became a full-time jewelry-maker when I was 51. At 18, I took a course and was seriously bitten by the metalsmithing bug. Then I did an apprenticeship with a local jeweler one summer. I got sidetracked into journalism and ended up writing and editing for about 30 years, which worked well when I had my kids. But I'd always hoped to get back to jewelry. I finally took a refresher course when I was 50 and that was it! I started with a tiny studio in a little porch in Toronto. And more courses. Then came my online shop.

About 10 years ago, I moved back to Quebec, to a small farm in a small village where my parents and siblings live. Basically, my dream come true! I have room here for a proper studio, plus, I get to have chickens, cats and dogs. Now, I'm 63 and so grateful I get to do what I love and live in this rural paradise.

More than anything, though, I'm grateful for my many customers, who found me online or in person at shows, and stuck around. It's thanks to you I get to do what I love most, and I hope my work continues to bring you some pleasure. May you enjoy it always!

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  • Carla on

    That’s so great to hear, Claudia! Thanks so much for your thoughts and feedback! xo Carla

  • Claudia Simpson on

    The pieces I have bought bring me much joy! Simple style, incredible detail and craftsmanship; the beauty of each individual piece is priceless. I love learning about the stones used and the history behind the piece. Glad you are loving your surroundings Chien Noir…it reflects in your art!

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