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How to travel with jewelry

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Now that travel is possible again, I thought I'd talk about what jewelry to take on your trips. My main piece of advice is to keep it simple. I like to focus on one great sterling silver statement ring, cuff or necklace and keep the rest very minimal.

For instance, on my last trip to the city for a couple of nights and two events, I took a big, glowy sterling statement cuff, which would have been enough on its own. I also wore my minimalist, go-with-everything 1cm cupped disc earrings. They're interesting, with their blackened cups and shiny silver rims, but simple at the same time. The last piece I brought along and wore the whole time was my signature wrap ring. Again, it's simple, yet interesting and unique. I feel like myself wearing it.

Once you've decided which jewelry to bring, I recommend wearing it all as you go. If you're flying, though, you'll want to pack anything larger than a ring in your carry-on. Even my thin sterling bangles have set off the alarm going through security. My earrings and ring were fine, though. If you do end up packing any jewelry, stow it in a plastic ziplock bag. This will protect it in case of spills and help prevent tarnish. In fact, this is a great way to store jewelry you're not wearing at home, too. 

Finally, keeping your jewelry simple on trips helps prevent tangled messes in your luggage and lost pieces. Who needs the aggravation, right? I hope you find something helpful in here for your next trip. Stay safe and happy travels!

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