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You do you!

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What makes you really happy? For me, it's always been making stuff, laughter, and color, to name a few. And one of the things I love about growing older is realizing it's OK to do the things that make me happy. 

About 10 years ago, at 52, I also realized it's never too late to make changes, so I gave up my writing/editing work to do what I always had loved - making jewelry. Then, I got the chance to move back to my native Quebec and set up a studio. 

I found my jewelry mojo, developing my own style of jewelry. If you've seen my work, you'll know I love bigger, bolder pieces, usually with unique, colorful stones. I always feel strong, confident and happy when I wear them. And the more color, the better! 

I've had many women drop by at shows to admire my work and say they could never go so bold. But, a funny thing happens when they try it on. More often than not, they smile broadly, and decide to buy their first statement piece. They're happy and that makes me so happy!

If you're curious about how bold and unique jewelry would make you feel, have a look at my shop. There's lots to choose from. And if you're already a convert, check out my newer pieces. Take care and be happy!

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