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Why buy handmade jewelry?

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There are so many reasons to choose handmade jewelry over mass-produced. Here are a few reasons to opt for handmade:

1) They're made by a jeweler's or artisan's actual hands, meaning they're going to be unique!

2) Jewelry makers are highly likely to choose more sustainable, ethically sourced  materials, making handmade jewelry a greener purchase.

3) When jewelry is handmade, it's often more likely to be made from better quality materials, and the final product is more likely to be better quality.

4) Small studios are better able to create exactly what they want to create, so chances are good you'll find more creative, original choices than in a department store.

5) With handmade jewelry, it's usually possible to buy locally, which also usually means great customer service from the actual maker.

6) Finally, a lot of time and love go into making handmade jewelry. So, it's safe to say that the maker you buy from is completely dedicated and in love with what they do and what they make for you to enjoy. 

Isn't it more personal to buy from the actual designer and maker? We think so!


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